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Our Commitment

Tatum Landscaping & Lawn Care, LLC. is committed to listening to our clients needs and delivering a quality product in an efficient manner.  Our team is comprised of a knowledgeable and diverse workforce. If you are looking for professionalism, efficiency and quality, you have come to the right place.


Frankie D. Tatum

Our Story


Tatum Landscaping & Lawn Care, LLC was started in 1994 by  Frankie D. Tatum the Founder and Owner.  Frankie is no stranger to hard work and his love for yard work started at an early age when he would often help his two adoptive moms, Mattie Wilder and Hazel Tatum with gardening, pulling weeds, and mowing.  Over time Frankie grew to love lawn care and started his own business.


He worked with his mentors in the industry, and completed numerous classes and received several certifications. His plan was to grow the business at a slow but steady pace to ensure that he gained the expertise necessary to provide 100% customer satisfaction. He put together a team of knowledgeable professionals and now Tatum Landscaping & Lawn Care, LLC is one of the premier Lawn Care businesses in Central Ohio.



Ohio Lawn Care Association



EDGE - Ohio


MBE - Ohio

MBE - City of Columbus




Department of Agriculture - Pesticide Business Applicator



Bladecutters - ODOT contract

Center for New Direction

Buckeye Landscaping

City of Columbus - Public Utilities

Miles McClellan Construction

Department of Natural Resources - Snow Removal


Frankie D. Tatum

Tatum Landscaping & Lawn Care LLC


Frankie D. Tatum
Frankie D. Tatum
Frankie D. Tatum
Frankie D. Tatum
Frankie D. Tatum